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Yarn Strong Sista Aboriginal resources
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Strong Sista Felt Mother Turtle hand puppet and baby turtle finger puppets early learning educators
YMCA Craigieburn West Early Learning Educators using Yarn Strong Sista Aboriginal recourses during a training session, 2016

Indigenous education resources

Development of culturally appropriate resources that reflect a contemporary way of life with a Victorian focus:

Photo sets


Curriculum Materials

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Indigenous education kits

Kits can be developed to suit the needs and the budget of your Early Childhood Setting. The resources are presented in a suitcase that has a Koorie design painted on the front. Examples of contents: Puzzles, Books, Curriculum materials, Posters, Games, Fabrics, Dolls and Clothes, Puppets, Small play experiences, Musical instruments and CD's. These resources can be used in your everyday program, and reflect the diversity of the Aboriginal community.

Indigenous cultural packs

Indigenous cultural packs are desiged to connect to Indigenous culture through play. The aims of cultural packs are:

To provide fun Indigenous experiences and activities that can be shared with all children and their families.
To enhance Aboriginal children’s positive self-esteem and identity, while engaging with the contemporary Indigenous images reflected in the resources.

Each Pack will come with an Indigenous Activity card, one sided A4 page which is laminated.  The Card will include extension ideas for families to use with the resources they have purchased.

Yarn Strong Sista has been an integral part of the City of Port Phillips Indigenous programs and events for children and young people.  During the last four Yalukit Wilam Ngargee: People Place Gathering Indigenous Festivals, Yarn Strong Sista has held market stalls and assisted in the co-ordination of the festivals free children's program. The City of Port Phillip utilise Yarn Strong Sista's Koorie Educational services within our school holiday programs and NAIDOC events which cater for up to 80 children at a time from diverse cultural backgrounds. Yarn Strong Sista creates a safe, enjoyable, informative space for developing minds to explore and understand Indigenous culture. The City of Port Phillips Indigenous Arts Unit looks forward to further encounters with Yarn Strong Sista and our leaders of tomorrow.”
Bo Svoronos , Indigenous Arts Officer 
City of Port Phillip.
aboriginal education scholarships
The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency has enjoyed a respectful and culturally responsive working relationship with Yarn Strong Sista over the last 4 years.  This has primarily been because of the innovative and dynamic leadership of Annette Sax. 

Annette has run workshops with our school age children as part of our Books in Homes Program, designed specifically to promote and nurture a love of reading in our Aboriginal children. Annette has also been an integral part of our Deadly Reading Literacy Bag workshops which are held with parents and carers.  These workshops aim to give adults caring for Aboriginal children an understanding and confidence and to promote the importance of their role in the language development of the children in their care.

In these workshops Annette has been able to demonstrate her extensive experience by using innovative strategies in a fun and interactive way to engage our Aboriginal children in positive language experiences through art, music, play and storytelling. More recently Annette played a role in the community publishing project, Deadly Kids Develop Deadly Books, where Annette shared her collage skills with the children, inspiring them to illustrate stories shared with them by Elders.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Yarn Strong Sista and continue to enjoy our positive collaboration.
Muriel Bamblett, CEO
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
education in aboriginal communities